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  • Increases Women’s Libido Naturally
  • Promotes Healthy Estrogen Levels
  • Relieves Symptoms Of Menopause
  • Relieves Menstrual Symptoms
  • Improves Mood
  • + $9.95 Shipping on Single Bottle Orders

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LibiGem®, by NutraFirm® is the most advanced natural libido enhancement & menopause supplement on the market. Strategically designed by a team of experts and manufactured in Canada, its carefully selected ingredients are scientifically proven to increase desire and even out hormone levels especially estrogen.

LibiGem® is composed of 100% natural ingredients that have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world.

The perfect balance of these ingredients is proven to naturally balance hormones, increase sex drive, relieve hot flashes and night sweats and improve mood and emotional well-being. With LibiGem®, you’re about to super charge your libido and get the ultimate menopause defence.



11 reviews for LibiGem®

  1. Stephanie Hodges, YT

    Reviews arent my thing, but once in a while you find something special and you need to share with the world. I have been suffering for many years with night sweats, hot-flashes etc. The quality of my “bedroom time” with my husband was getting horrible and i had no drive. I have been taking LibiGem since it was called Estrogem (I was probably one of their first customers) for 3 years now. Next to my routine of apple cider vinegar, LibiGem is and will always be my go to. My last order I ordered 6 bottles and they sent me 7 as a thank you. Awesome product, awesome company.

  2. Monica S, BC

    A natural product that works! My husband takes thier HeezOn and he is equally as impressed. Safe to say both products work for me LOL

  3. Jennifer R, TX

    I’ve Taken at least a dozen other products almost twice the price that didn’t work. Ladies, it works, period. However, it did take more than a month for it to kick in for me, but when it did. Wow.

  4. Barb Thomas, ON

    Expensive for 60 capsules, ive taken it for almost a week and no difference

  5. Susan H

    This product has literally saved my marriage. Not because of its “other benefits” but because I stopped waking up at night with night sweats after only two weeks of taking it. I dont usually write reviews but I thought it was important to share this with the world. It works! (make sure you take two capsules at the same time though, preferably before bed – thats what worked for me 😉

  6. Diane T, ON

    My sister and I both love this product. I take it for Menopause and she takes it for its other benefits; I have to admit I have seen a huge difference in that area as well 🙂
    Im only giving four stars because it is a little pricey, but hey if it works……

  7. Barb T, AZ

    absolutely awesome product!

  8. Dorothy V

    Fabulous!, Finally, Thank the heavens – no crappy side effects. Im a better person (and a better lover ;)) for this, just thank you nutra firm.

  9. Jeanette M, AB, Canada

    I love this product…..let me rephrase WE love this product 🙂 Only thing…..I thought the bottle was to large for the number of capsules inside. I was curious so I reached out to the company and they told me its because they needed to fit a lot of information on the label so the bottle had to be bigger. Makes sense.

  10. Patty S, OH

    I stated taking this product a few months ago after a girl at GNC recommended it. Its the real deal ladies! At first I was taking one capsule in the morning and one at night with no effect. When I starting taking 2 before bed is when I saw the difference. Amazing.

  11. Jennifer R, ON, Canada

    Amazing for relieve hot flashes after 2 weeks. Sleep better and more libido.

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