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The 6 Most Common Questions We Receive About Natural Women’s Libido Supplements


common questions regarding natural women’s libido supplementIt’s not uncommon for the libido to wane as we get older or to be disrupted by health or emotional issues. Suffering through the loss of such a basic component of one’s humanity is a vexing problem that requires real treatment. Almost every natural women’s libido supplement promises that but some are slapped together by unscrupulous profiteers who care little for the women who buy their product. Because the landscape is unfortunately littered with a fair number of frauds we at EstroGem regularly receive questions about our product. We’re always happy to answer questions and below are 6 of the most common we hear.

Common Questions Regarding Natural Women’s Libido Supplement

Women suffering from reduced libido need to know the natural women’s libido supplement they’re taking will do the job. As such they of course have questions. Here are the 6 most common we hear at EstroGem.

  • Does it work? – Yes. EstroGem natural women’s libido supplement has been shown to be one of the most effective libido supplements on the market and has earned 100% approval from Health Canada for the safe, effective way it treats reduced libido. Health Canada approval is not lightly granted nor does every libido supplement on the market earn it.
  • What is in EstroGem? – EstroGem is formulated using a variety of natural ingredients that have proven their worth through centuries of use. Ingredients like Black Cohosh, Suma Root, Maca Root and more have also been put under the analytical microscope in recent years and emerged with their reputations not only confirmed but enhanced.
  • How do I know these ingredients are safe? – Again we refer to our Health Canada approval. This august organization is not in the habit of handing out approvals to dangerous products. In addition there has never been a single documented case of one of our customers suffering adverse reactions when EstroGem has been taken as directed.
  • Is EstroGem for younger women as well? – There are many causes of low libido besides menopause. In younger women libido can be affected by stress, medications, and non-menopausal hormonal imbalances. EstroGem is formulated to address the causes of low libido and is not designed with any particular age group in mind.

What if it doesn’t work for me? – In the extremely unlikely event that EstroGem doesn’t restore your libido we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund. We can make this offer because of the confidence we have in our product and the positive feedback we receive on a daily basis from our many thousands of satisfied customers.

  • Do you ship to my country? – It doesn’t matter if you live in Burkina Fasso, Lichtenstein, Japan or anywhere else, we offer worldwide shipping to any destination.

Deciding to try a natural women’s libido supplement to address low libido is a brave choice that doesn’t have to be a risky one too. If you make sure you use a proven libido supplement like EstroGem you’ll be quickly on your way to re-establishing a healthy sex life and putting recent disappointments behind you.