Natural Menopause Supplements & Who They Are For

Natural Menopause Supplements & Who They Are For

Traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been justifiably shunned by many women in light of the health risks now known to be associated with it. That, however, has not changed the fact that many women still need some form of therapeutic response to the often debilitating effects of low estrogen, whether it’s the result of menopause or some other health issue. Many of these women have turned to natural supplements as a way of obtaining relief but are such supplements actually right for everyone? In this post we’ll take a look at that important question.

Should You be Taking a Natural Menopause Supplement?

Natural menopause supplements like LibiGem® can provide effective relief from even the worst menopausal symptoms but many women question whether a menopause supplement will work for them, given the particulars of their situation. Below we’ll look at who should and perhaps should not be taking natural menopause supplements.

  • Women who’ve had a hysterectomy: Many women who have had what’s called ‘surgical menopause’ (a hysterectomy) wonder if they would benefit from taking a natural menopause supplement. The answer in almost all cases is ‘Yes’. Hormone levels affect brain and heart function, the strength of your bones and the vitality of your skin.
  • Menopausal women: Women who have undergone or are undergoing menopause can benefit greatly from taking natural menopause supplements like LibiGem®. LibiGem®’s natural phytoestrogens mimic the function of estrogen and work to restore balance to the entire endocrine system resulting in greater overall emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Women with a family history of osteoporosis: If the women in your family have shown a propensity for osteoporosis there is a very good chance you will be afflicted with it to, unless you take preventive measures to stave it off. A natural menopause supplement will help you maintain dietary calcium which in turn will help maintain robust bone structure.
  • Women suffering from low libido: One of the most common side effects of menopause is a partial or even total loss of libido. Women who’ve experienced this will find that a natural menopause supplement like LibiGem® will help to safely and effectively restore natural sexual desires and function.
  • Women who’ve had or have breast cancer: Unfortunately women with a history of breast cancer should probably avoid anything that will tweak their endocrine system. While it may be possible to devise a supplemental estrogen therapy for a woman who’s had breast cancer it should only be done in close consultation with her personal physician.

While menopause supplements may not be for everyone they can in fact help many women suffering under the lash of severe menopausal symptoms, those who’ve had ‘surgical menopause’, those with a family history of osteoporosis and those with reduced libidos either from menopause or another estrogen-related cause. Try LibiGem® today and discover the most effective natural menopause supplement on the market. We’ve helped scores of women all over the world find relief from estrogen imbalances and their negative consequences, and we can likely do the same for you.

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