Helping With Declining Hormone Levels

Helping With Declining Hormone Levels

Are hormone levels declining because you’re getting older or are you getting older because your hormone levels are declining? Most doctors will come down firmly in the former camp while an increasing number of scientists who study aging believe that aging is, in many ways, a by-product of declining hormone levels. For most women however, it doesn’t much matter whether the chicken or the egg came first, what matters is how can they restore balance to their hormonal system and stave off the side effects and long term health issues associated with increasingly lower levels of estrogen.

Declining Hormone Levels Call for Natural Estrogen Replacement

Many women start experiencing a decline in hormone levels in their 30s so by the time they enter menopause they’ve already gone through nearly 20 years of increasingly unbalanced hormones. When these women emerge on the far side of menopause hormone levels decrease even more precipitously making them vulnerable to a slew of serious diseases and conditions, including…

  • Osteoporosis – More than half the women over 50 will experience an osteoporosis related fracture of the wrist, hip or spine during their lifetime. A women can be afflicted with osteoporosis for years without knowing it. Often the first sign they’ll have that their bones have become brittle due to hormone loss is when they suffer an actual fracture and by then it may be too late to reverse the condition.
  • Heart Disease – Proper estrogen levels are key to maintaining the overall integrity of the cardiovascular system. Women who’ve been through menopause without addressing the hormonal imbalances in their system wind up every bit as likely as men to die of heart attack and also become vulnerable to various types of heart muscle conditions that sap their strength, stamina and vitality.
  • Cancer – Tissues in the breasts and ovaries respond to the circulation of estrogen. If the amount of estrogen in the blood is too high or too low these tissues lose their ability to self-regulate and cancers can develop. This phenomenon came painfully to the fore during the now infamous Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) hormone replacement therapy (HRT) control study that was abruptly shut down in 2002.
  • Dementia – Neurons in the brain have been shown to be sensitive to hormonal imbalances which can cause them to degenerate resulting in an elevated risk of dementia. The risk of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s may also increase due to abnormally low levels of estrogen. Imbalances in other hormone levels like DHEA can negatively impact the brain’s ability to deal with stress, depression and a host of other afflictions.

Enter The Safe, Proven Solution

It’s easy to see why arresting the slide in estrogen levels and maintaining hormonal balance is so important, yet the WHI fiasco mentioned above dealt a serious blow to many women who had pinned their hopes on HRT. Thankfully a new treatment paradigm has emerged, one that utilizes natural estrogen replacement to arrest hormonal imbalances and stave off their long term negative consequences.

At the forefront of the movement for natural estrogen replacement are natural supplements like LibiGem® that leverage proven, centuries old herbs and other natural ingredients – along with an holistic approach that emphasizes treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms of hormonal imbalance – to achieve the results so many women have sought for so long. The ingredients in LibiGem® include:

  • Catuaba – Catuaba is a flowering tree native to the Amazon rain forest that has been recognized by the local people for its therapeutic qualities for centuries. Catuaba has been shown in clinical studies to make a positive contribution to the restoration of estrogen levels.
  • Ashwaganda – Ashwaganda is also known in herbalist circles as Indian ginseng. It has been used for centuries to treat a plethora of conditions though it is perhaps most famous for its ability to rejuvenate the immune system following serious illness.
  • Maca Root – Maca root has the ability to adapt to different people’s individual systems making it an invaluable component of any program of natural estrogen replacement. Maca root has proven effective in treating hot flashes, night sweats and interrupted sleep patterns.
  • Suma Root – Suma root has obtained something like legendary status among the native peoples of the Amazon for its ability to aid in natural estrogen replacement while at the same time recharging women’s libidos.
  • Black Cohosh – Black cohosh is well known in both alternative and traditional medical circles for its ability to address a range of women’s health issues including hormonal imbalance and reduced sex drive.

The struggle to reverse declining hormone levels is no longer a matter of waiting for mainstream medicine to devise a new drug-based replacement for the largely discredited HRT. Natural estrogen replacement is available today and when implemented as part of a comprehensive program of hormonal rejuvenation can set you back on the road to long term health and happiness.

LibiGem® is approved by Health Canada and has been proven to work with many women looking to increase their estrogen levels.

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