Damiana contains compounds that directly stimulate the nervous system, blood circulation and metabolism. It improves anxiety and depression and balances the hormonal systems of women.


Yes it does! Cynthia Watson, a family and integrated medical practitioner with UCLA-Santa Monica and St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA wrote that Damiana can balance the hormonal systems of women during menopause – reducing hot flashes.[14]

Added Benefit

This magical herb has long been associated with improved libido and sexual function in women.  It contains compounds that directly stimulate the nervous system, blood circulation, and metabolism. Damiana is typically used by renowned herbalists worldwide for its benefits in sexual pleasure.  Through study, it appears that long term use can increase its effectiveness and helps to regulate sex hormones in women.

Cynthia Watson also published a book that she wrote called, Love Potions, A Guide to Aphrodisiacs and Sexual Pleasures [14].  It was in this writing, Watson said, that she saw a rejuvenated interest in sex among women who used Damiana.  “In my practice, I have found Damiana to be one of the most effective aphrodisiacs available to women.”.

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